Thursday, August 28, 2008

Get Rich Now: How To Build A Fortune In The Stock Market

This is just one title above is slightly tongue-in-cheek as there are truly no guaranteed get rich quick schemes in stock investing; however, there are certainly periods of time triggered by certain government and central bank actions that present an opportunity to build great wealth in a short period of time. In essence the ???get rich quick??? Well if you perform research that tells you that certain asset classes have a 90% chance of appreciating greatly and you greatly overweight this asset class in your portfolio, I???d take the 10% downside risk any day to perhaps outperform a diversified strategy by 20% or even 60% a year.

How can I say that concentration is less risky than diversification? Well, at least with no more risk than the terribly diversified portfolios (and terrible!) that you receive at most commercial investment firms. Absolutely. All this without great risk you say?

If you do, 40% and 100% annual returns are possible. There is only one way to truly build wealth in the stock markets - spot trends well before the thundering sheep herd of investors does, invest in them many months and sometimes even years before the average Joe and Jane, and concentrate your stock picks.

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