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7 Elements for BetterTrades

However, it took me years of study, mistakes and the school of hard knocks to get to where I am today - a world known successful trader. The excitement of hope for a better life, the power to control your future at your fingertips, and the awe of finding out you can trade with a strategy is so awesome when you see first see the light. I will never forget what it was like to be brand new!

Lately I have had a lot of new traders in my online webshops.

I am going to break each one down for you, and let you know what I have made available to help you speed up your learning process light years ahead of what it took me. In reviewing what has made me successful, I have come up with seven things I did that were critical elements to me becoming a successful trader.


I took the time to educate myself (and I made sure I learned from successful traders). It amazes me how many students say they are serious about trading, but they don't treat it like a business or college education. If they only knew how powerful the market can be financially, they would take the time to LEARN everything they could before they EARN.

I have often used an example of a brain surgeon. A brain surgeon would never get away with saying "let me just do a few brain surgeries and then I when I have made enough money I will go to medical school". No serious income producing profession works this way. You study, practice then do business. Why would the stock market be any different. And here is a secret" the stock market pays so much BETTER than most highly paid professions do!

Please don't put the cart before the horse. Take the time to learn, so you can properly practice, then you will be ready to do real trades. If you have to deal with a spouse or significant other that wants you to make money before this process, sit them down, look them straight in the eye and talk from your heart. Explain this is really important to you, then tell them the benefits (what 's in it for them) once you can make money trading. Explain to them that it is necessary to do this right, and how you need to treat it like a business or a college education. Trading before you are ready is backwards and very costly. Most businesses don't even break even for a profit the first three years, but trading can pay off fast if you study quick and hard, and perfectly practice first. I studied and practiced for two months, before I did my first real trade.


Tools are critical! Set yourself up with the right trading tools you need to be successful. Just like starting a business or going to college, there are costs involved. For trading, the costs are so small compared to years in college or opening a new business. There are basically three tools you need to trade properly.

A charting program I use TRADE NAVIGATOR
A research site I use THE DEDICATED TRADER
Real Time Data I use REAL TIME MARKETS
(intra-day charts, stock & news alerts)

It is easy to make an excuse and short change yourself to skip a tool or two, but it only comes back to hurt you. Practicing without the right tools makes for bad practice, and this is one situation where I see a lot of "wanna be traders" mess up. They skip the tools to cut costs, but they can't trade right without them. What often happens is they lose their money and quit trading permanently. If you really want to make trading work, invest in yourself and set yourself up to win with the right tools. Trust me - YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Pick one strategy and Perfectly Practice

You must pick one strategy, and PERFECTLY PRACTICE it before you use real funds. I just wish, for all of you new traders, that you did not have a dime to trade with. Why? Because then you would be forced to PRACTICE! I know many of you are cheating and trading real money right now and you are not ready too!

Here is what I know, and have witnessed over the last 7 years of teaching students how to trade. If you practice trading with real money, you will likely lose it learning, and lose it FAST. When you are new, you think you know what you are doing but you DON'T and you are DANGEROUS! At this point most people who have lost their money just give up and go back to working hard for a living.

If instead, you practice perfectly first, you should get to the point that you are so excited you can't stand it. Bottom line, when you know you know it works" because you win all the time, it will drive you crazy. It is just not fun spending pretend money, so at this point, you will find a way to get money! You will sell something, get a second job, whatever it takes, because you know beyond a shadow of a doubt trading does work! It is at this stage you are actually ready to start trading with real money and not a minute sooner! Get the proper education, perfectly practice first and then you will have the solid ground critical to become the successful trader you want and deserve to be. All I can say, is make it work, because you WANT my lifestyle!


A strategy alone is not enough! You must have a proven system to trade a strategy successfully. The system must:

Record your trade in writing
Be your back up brain
Alert you to entrance and exits points in real time data
Have safety nets in place
Include insurance for any trades you stay in overnight
Keep you on track with your trade, al all times and in all places
Must be easy to use

I teach you this POWER SYSTEM in my LEAPS two day class, also available on DVD'S. This system is my simple secret weapon, to powerful trading. Call 1-800-346-9039 for details and pricing (or for anything I mentioned).

Here is what Normal Griffin of Weimar, CA had to say about my system after years of struggling with trading:

From using Darlene 's
her proven system from her LEAPS CLASS

I went from
one out of five
four out of five
winning trades
And it gets better" I now make
four times as much money
on each trade"
[and my trades that cost money
cost so much less then they use to!]


It is critical that you learn how to actually trade the market. It is not enough to just pick a strategy, and have a system. You also need to understand how to trade the market itself!

This may be a new thought process for many of you, but basically the market in and of itself is an amazing animal. Understanding how the market works will allow you powerful entry and exit opportunities. There are tips that you need to learn and use for profitable entries and exits in and out of your trades. Things I teach in my Q 's class such as the first and last hour secrets, and trading indicators. These are trading opportunities you can't afford to miss. They help you to see when a trade is not good to enter, how to know when there is no need to panic on a trade you are in, and to fine tune your trigger finger to exit fast when it is critical turning point in your trade. I have had seasoned traders who have been trading for years tell me that they can't believe they ever traded before without this information. They basically said they were trading blind and didn't even know it.

My LIFESTYLE TRADING THE Q 's class live (or DVD 's ) is all about teaching you how to trade the market. I just wish someone had taught me this when I was learning. It took me over 8 years to learn this, and now you can learn it in one day and be up and running for huge profits light years ahead of what it took me.


Take the time to study prosperity. If you want to be financially solid, and you are not' take the time to find out what has been holding you back and fix it fast! A great place to start is reading the book:


It does not matter how great your strategy is, how useful your trading system is or how good you are at understanding the market" if deep down inside you feel you don't deserve to be wealthy, you are not going to be able to be successful at anything, including the stock market. This type of a program running in you will sabotage your success every time. This book was a major turning point in my life and success came so fast after I realized I DID DESERVE TO BE WEALTHY!


A very important proven factor that financially successful people do, is they set themselves up with a team of like-minded people.

You need a mastermind team to be successful at trading.

This is a group of people you keep in contact with, that trade and can be supportive (versus friends that laugh at you and think your stupid trading, and tell you that you will lose your money).

I have a group called Darlene 's TRADER TALK that meets twice a week, we talk about trades, market conditions, and everything about the market. It is very powerful. I can hand hold and help you in these classes until you are ready to be on your own, but even then many students stay for the mastermind team of it.

I hope you use this information for direction you need to take in your trading. If you are lacking in any of these seven areas I encourage you to step up to the plate and dare to make trading work! I think one of the hardest things about trading is just to commit. Once you have decided you are serious about trading, it become easy to treat it like a business and the results will follow fast!

I look forward to seeing you soon in one of my live or on-line classes. Hang in there, and never give up. If you need help reach out and get it and learn from your mistakes. Remember though"


Happy Trading,

Darlene with BetterTrades


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