Friday, December 5, 2008

The Money Numbers - Part 3

Thus, Numerology has helped us a lot in predicting matters related to our finances. Once the number is obtained, the planetary vibrations associated with the gives an overall indication regarding the general financial fortunes of the native. For the purpose of obtaining money number the native 's whole name inclusive of his forename and the Christian name must be taken into account. As have been discussed earlier, Money Number is something which is completely different from lucky number.

The money numbers from nine to thirteen will be discussed as follows.

Number Nine
This number indicates that many of your personal hopes and wishes will be associated with money and financial matters. Again, the obtaining of money and good income will enable you to bring about a realizing of other hopes and wishes connected with the social and public sides of life.

Normally, you will give a great deal of forethought and there will be a zeal of practicality within you before you take nay sort of financial decisions or go in fro signing any agreement. You will be beneficial as a result of constructive investment than by the taking of speculative risks.

Number Ten
The number ten signifies that you will have sudden gains and losses, some of which will be caused through unexpected alteration of your vocational activities and others through the speculation or the taking of risks.

If however, you let your originality of thought and action leads you, you will be enjoying more gains than losses. Just watch out for matters related to partnership forms of business or co-operation, for any sudden upset or misunderstanding will lead to dangerous loss and you will be affected adversely.

The number does show a great possibility of gain through such things as sweepstakes, lotteries and football pools.

Number Eleven
The number eleven exerts a rather peculiar influence. It gives you the ability to take the long view of affairs, to correctly appraise future possibilities and to use your power of suggestion to influence people with whom you have financial dealings.

On the other hand you will always need to guard yourself against troubles or loss through the deception or trickery of others and at times through dishonesty, actual theft or burglary.

Number Twelve
The number twelve indicates that, although there will be an experiencing of fluctuations in connection with money matters, from both the income and expenditure standpoints, there will be times of good luck and fortune as well as safeguarding of the main financial interests of your life.

At the same time, it will not be very wise to take things too much for granted or to become less careless in the handling of money matters as opportunities for deriving benefit could be lost. Benefit will be derived through creating goodwill and by the proper utilization of your business associates. The inclination to make money quickly or easily should always be resisted.

Number Thirteen
The number three signifies, rather in a peculiar manner, that you will either gravitate more or less automatically towards interests connected with the financial side of life or they will be drawn to you without any necessarily voluntary actions on your part. In either of the cases the opportunities brought to you will decide the degree of financial benefits that you will finally derive.

A strong desire for luxuries and sophistication will be a part of your character. Moreover, you will always want money to 'flow in' to your life without any personal efforts from your part.

Your main weakness is that you easily rely upon others. If this tendency carries on, then you will invariably invite danger to obstruct your way to a well led life.

These numbers just provides an overview about your financial status. Money numbers can help you bring in money to some extent, but this will not bring any permanent security to your life.


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