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Credit Repair: The Whole Story

The Right Way

Credit repair expert Jim Kemish outlines a comprehensive approach that insures success. It turns out that it is really just a first step. Historically credit bureau disputes have been the heart of the credit repair process.

When most people think of credit bureau disputes.

The Real Problem with Disputes

Credit bureau disputes are the essential backbone of every successful credit repair program. And almost without exception it is necessary to start the process with these disputes. But if your efforts are confined only to disputing your issues with the credit bureaus you are virtually guaranteed to be disappointed.

Hitting the Credit Repair Wall

If you send a dispute letter to the credit bureaus you will receive a response back within thirty days or so. You might be excited to see that some of the problem items have been removed. You are also likely to see that some of the items that you have questioned have been verified. This can be frustrating. What is the next step? You might think that a second dispute is in order, and you may be right. Or you may be wrong. Read carefully. Has the credit bureau asked you to address all future inquiries to the original creditor? If so you may discover that additional credit bureau disputes produce no results.

Moving On

Many consumers in search of professional credit repair services will find an ample supply of credit repair companies offering a basic low cost program that consists entirely of credit bureau disputes. What happens to this consumer when the credit bureaus ask you to direct future inquiries to the original creditor? There are two possibilities.

The End of the Road

If you sign up for a credit repair program that only offers credit bureau disputes there is almost zero likelihood that you will end up as a satisfied customer. After the first round of disputes you may get few additional results. Or, if the company that you have chosen does offer additional levels of service you will probably find it necessary to upgrade to a more expensive version of the program in order to get the results that you desire. The truth is that the dispute only version of the program should never have been offered.

An Honest Approach

Remember that I started by saying that credit bureau disputes are the essential backbone of every successful credit repair program. It is so. In fact, it?s absolutely logical to start your dispute process with the credit bureaus. But to stop there would be like putting your socks on and then imagining that you are fully dressed. A truly effective credit repair program will seamlessly move from credit bureau disputes to creditors as a natural part of the process. Collection agencies can be challenged as needed in the same way.

The Educated Consumer

Credit Repair can and will produce fantastic results if done in a competent and comprehensive manner. Would you go to dinner at a restaurant that only cooks the food half way? Would you hire an auto mechanic that takes your engine apart but doesn?t quite put it back together again? Of course not! Make sure that your credit repair company will complete the job that you hired them for.

A Smooth Process

It is our opinion that a credit repair program should be inclusive of every step that is necessary to produce the final desired result. And the credit repair professional should be armed with every tool needed to do the job. We believe that the process should be offered as a unified whole. Our customers hire us for the most important reasons in the world. Their goals are inseparable from the quality of their financial life. We believe that credit should be taken seriously.

Beyond the Dispute

It turns out that the details can make all of the difference in the world. A good credit repair company make sure that they have the universal perspective that will produce the real results that you want. I cannot emphasize this enough!

But it is also equally imperative that these activities occur in the context of a complete understanding of both the credit scoring model and the way creditors view credit in making a decision. A comprehensive dispute process encompassing the credit bureaus, creditors, and even collection agencies is essential for success.

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