Thursday, September 4, 2008

Man, That Stinks!

I mean it really sucks! It stinks. It seemed like everything was going so good too, now this happens.

I could easily make my car payments on my new Lexus, my wife didn't have to work, my two kids just started first grade (yes, they are twins), and things were just going well, and now this. I had a good job that paid me plenty of money. But I wasn't worried. You know all you see on the news negative reports about the economy and the housing gas prices going up and all these problems, right?

I won't mention names but it won't be too hard to figure out. There are several large corporations that are laying off people by the tens of thousands and shutting down production plants. I actually didn't work for one of these companies but I did supply them with parts and now they don't have any need for those parts.

To top it off, my boss got in a car accident and since things were looking bleak anyway they decided to offer us the option of leaving the company, or accepting a 33% pay cut! I opted for the latter and now I am hurting. I turned in my Lexus for a six-year-old used car with lesser payments but I still have to make some payments on the Lexus for a couple of months to cover the deficit.

I started one of these home-based business things to try to get things going but they are just not what they seem to be. They make all kinds of promises of instant cash but all I've seen is instantly going out of my wallet. I tried another one, and then another one and I'm actually making a couple of bucks, but it 's nothing like they promised.

But here 's the kicker-after all that, my car got towed because it was illegally parked. In order to save money I had canceled every possible aspect on my insurance, including towing. Because they ended up towing it over 25 miles, I needed to come up with 275 bucks to get my car back!

How am I going to get a loan for $275? It was a stupid thing to go to the bank and ask them, they just laughed at me. I didn't want to call my father-in-law because it would look really stupid. My credit cards are already maxed out and I don't get paid for two more weeks. Try living without a car for two weeks!

I did the only thing I could figure out to do-get a payday loan. I was nervous about doing this because I've heard all kinds of bad things about interest rates and everything. But my experience wasn't that bad. I went to this company: and they found someone in my area to loan me the money. They were very up front with the rules and regulations and wanted to make sure I was using this for emergency purposes only. There were no high-pressure tactics and it was all very professional.

I had the money I needed in my bank account in less than eight hours. Normally they go from as little as one hour to as much 24 hours but I was glad to get it in eight. I got my car back and got back to work. As soon as my paycheck came two weeks later my loan was paid off and only cost me about 35 bucks (your rate might be different). I did not have to tell my family and I did not have to put it on a credit card. Phooey on the banks anyway, I'll never go there again as it was a waste of time.

My experience turned out to be quite good. In fact I think things are looking up because if I hadn't done that, I would?ve probably lost my job altogether. Now I don't recommend someone using a payday loan for anything other than emergencies, but in some cases they can be the best thing there is. In fact in some cases are the only thing you can do.

Best of all my confidence back. I didn't have to fax in any documentation and did it all online, in total privacy. They don't do credit checks on you, but they also don't help you with your credit either so don't be fooled.

I'm going to do it! You know what? Maybe I should approach the owners about becoming a manager of this branch.


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