Friday, September 19, 2008

Seven Tips to Get the Money You Want

That was 3,000 years before Christ. According to Brian Tracy 's book "The 100 Absolutely unbreakable laws of business success", this law was discovered since the old Egyptian era. I was deadly wrong. May be it was found a few decades ago.

I thought that the law of attraction was discovered a few years back.

Instead, evil mind came from the infatuation of money. The evil mind does not come from money. Although many people do not want to emphasize on money since many relate money with evil mind. In this article, we will talk directly toward money.

Here are the seven steps to make money including:

1. Know how much money you want and at the certain point of time. Although most people want money, not many people gladly accept that they do things for money.They do not want to accept that their biggest aspirations is becoming a rich person.

If you do not accept that, you will not have a chance to earn the money you want. Make decision to accept that you want money and specify how much money you want. Once the number is up, you will now have the target to achieve.

2. Evaluate your current status. You need to appraise on yourself before you decide to go for a plan for attracting money. You should do the appraisal on not only how much money you have at the moment but also on your ability to make the money. Do you need to acquire any additional skills? At the current status, what you need to learn more so that you can qualify earning such amount of money. How long do you need to prepare yourself to this? Write down your status quo so that you know your starting point.

3. Know how you would acquire that amount of money. You certainly have certain skill to earn money. However, we need know in what will be the most possible way to work for until you get that amount you want. Most of the people do not see in what way they are going to make it. You may not know it now but it is your job to find it out. Once you find out, you will stick to it until you achieve your goal.

4. Create your future plan. Draw up a plan. The result comes from actions. All you need is the activity plan so that you can do something. Write down your plan and pursue it. Make plan to earn, to save, and to invest properly during the assigned period.

5. Fill in the blanks. Along the way of your money making plan, we may not have full information on what the circumstance will be. You may need to add that by yourself when time comes. Fill in the blanks in your plan. Adjust the method according to the situation. Once you get more information, come back to your plan and make sure that you have the right puzzle for your game plan.

Regular visualization will help you achieve results faster according to the law of attraction. See the pictures as if it is real. What you can contribute to others.

What you are going to give out? What you are going to buy? Visualize what you will be like if you have achieved the amount of money you want. See yourself as already a successful person.

Visualize yourself in Success. 6.

Being flexible on your approaches will help enable you to finally get the money you want to make. You must know your progress so that you can decide if you should continue or you should change your approach. There must be some area that you are not excel in and you may fail in some steps. Revision is a very important step to follow since you will not be successful on everything you do.

Review your plan every month. 7.


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