Thursday, October 30, 2008

You Count On Your Bank, But The Bank Count On You Even More

Some people might wonder why the banks would not have enough money to pay every depositor out. We are well aware, that banks rely on the fact that not all their depositors will wish to withdraw their cash at the same time, because if they did, the banks would not have the cash available to meet all the demand.

They make money with your money, and they pay you a bit as well, so you are happy. Providing there is no situation where everybody wants their money out at once, the banks have nothing to worry about on that score. But if you did want to take it out, there is cash from other depositors which can be used to deal with it.

The chances are you will leave the cash in the bank without taking it out, or taking out only a part of it. They will credit your account with the sum you deposited with them, but the actual cash will have gone to earn more interest than you will get. When a client places cash into his or hers account, the bank will invest it for themselves.

This all works very well unless there is a time when people fail to meet their obligations, and do not keep up the payments on their loans. Banks expect the odd case here and there, when someone cannot pay because of a bad investment or sudden personal difficulties. When there is a situation due to certain economic problems which can cause trouble to thousands of people to meet regular promised repayments, the matter is serious because cash must keep coming for the banks to keep the show on the road. Without that expected cash, the machine can stop. Liquidity is the vital.

To understand it better, imagine that you need money and you get cash advances from a credit card which we will call A. When you reach the credit limit you will have to make a minimum payment which you have not available, so you decide to get cash from another credit card B, and when that is due to be repaid, you use credit card C and so on. There comes a time of course, when you run out of credit cards and you have to make repayments from somewhere. Unless you sell the car or an item of some value or obtain a loan from some good fairy, you are going to go under.

The banks have an easier task, inasmuch that they can turn to the central bank to borrow money to get them over their liquidity problem. Nobody wants to allow a run on a bank, since it can trigger off other stampedes. It is a bad idea to cause people to lose faith in the banking system as a whole. In other words, it is not prudent to allow banks to go to the wall, and help will invariably be found, unless there is absolutely no other way.

We are now reaching the point when shortage of money available to the banks spells out shortage of money available for them to lend out.

As a consequence for instance, the housing market gets slowed down. When the house prices suffer, it is largely because the borrowers cannot get the money to make a purchase and not because they do not wish to buy. And even if the prices go down further, they will still not buy, simply because they will still find it hard to get a mortgage in the present climate.

As usual, at the end of the day, people who have cash money will be able to snap up some real bargains and wait until conditions change and make their profit. The bargains will be available in America as well as here and in other parts of the world.

While banks make money from your money, they earn a little for you as well. They also provide a number of services without which, life would be hard. However, you must not belittle your role in all this, meaning that although you need them, they certainly need you!

Things were going right for a large number of people with ready cash at their disposal to step in soon.

Yes, cash is King. Based on realistic prices, a lot of the properties will be sold in the main to cash buyers able to get their foreign currency from the foreign currency exchange companies at very good rates, especially if they phone around for the best deal. These lucky people, will find terrific deals waiting in the offices of friendly and good realtors in USA, in the UK, on the Continent, as well as in other parts of the world.


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